The CLD Standards Council for Scotland and Education Scotland have commissioned a new research study on the current size and make-up of the community learning and development workforce across all sectors.

In 2015 the Working with Scotland’s Communities survey was the first national study of the community learning and development (CLD) workforce in Scotland in over 5 years. The findings indicated that there were at least 7,400 CLD practitioners employed in a wide range of diverse roles across the public and voluntary sectors in Scotland; and more than 40,000 people volunteering in CLD-related roles at that time.

Independent research and consultancy company, Rocket Science, has been commissioned to carry out a new Working with Scotland’s Communities study to find out: Who is working and volunteering in CLD-related roles in 2018; where are they; what do they do; what challenges do they face; what is the demand for practitioners with CLD skills and are there enough practitioners to meet that demand.

The intended outcome of the study is to provide up to date workforce data that will help to inform CLD policy and planning at a local authority, regional and national level. The research needs a wide a range of practitioners and organisations to participate – and they know that you don’t have to have ‘CLD’ in your job title or in the name of your organisation to be doing great CLD work – please spread the word about this study across your organisations and networks and look out for more details over the coming weeks.