Credit Unions have been hitting the headlines a lot recently. In March this year, actor Michael Sheen launched the End High Cost Credit Alliance at the Responsible Finance Conference in Glasgow. The Alliance has been created to spark ‘debate about the changes needed in business, politics and society to deliver healthy credit for all’, and to ‘lead experts to drive change and offer alternative solutions to high-cost credit.’

Engage Renfrewshire, the Third Sector Interface for Renfrewshire, has been leading change at a local level to transform their local Credit Union sector. By employing a Credit Union Officer, Engage Renfrewshire has raised awareness of Credit Unions; connecting them to people and communities and increasing their effectiveness. As a result more people in the most deprived parts of the area now use Credit Unions and have healthier personal finances.

You can read more about how Engage Renfrewshire has been instrumental in strengthening local community finance in our TSI case study.