people come together as citizens, and are not seen solely in relation to the service they use, Recovery Films Stirlingshire

The Ideas, Innovation, Improvement Fund is jointly administered by Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface (CTSI) and Stirlingshire Voluntary Enterprise (SVE) to award grants of up to £2,000 to Third Sector initiatives aimed at addressing health inequalities. The money for the fund comes from the Integrated Care Fund.

Applications were received from 18 organisations across Stirling and Clackmannanshire. The proposed projects have benefited both geographical communities and communities of interest.

Funded Projects

Balfron Lunch Club is using volunteers to deliver a hot meal to people who are not able to attend the lunch club. The volunteers are also able to spend time with people and help them to maintain their links with village life. Sauchie Community Group are also seeking to alleviate loneliness and isolation in their community through involving people of all ages in the community in music.

The highlights have been seeing the look of accomplishment when people succeed in learning a new talent [and seeing] the joy everyone experiences taking part in the singing and the socialising of the two groups.

Sauchie Community Group

A group of people of different ages are crowded round a piano player smiling

Sauchie Community Group

Ideas for Ears are working with those experiencing hearing loss to encourage public places in the local area to become more hearing-friendly to the 24,000 people in Stirling and Clackmannanshire who have hearing loss or other hearing conditions.

Recovery Films have filmed the Recovery Walk 2016, highlighting people’s recovery from addiction and as a way of giving hope to individuals and families affected by addiction.

When people come together as citizens, and are not seen solely in relation to one service they use or one part of their experience of being alive, we discover conversation about talents, visions and skills that cannot be unearthed if we see people as their problems.

Recovery Films

A group of people marching with a banner in aid of the Recovery Walk

Recovery Walk 2016

Throsk Community Centre and Creating Conversations are both working with people experiencing dementia to promote physical and social activity.

The Difference Made

By encouraging and enabling people to make connections with each other and with their community, each of the activities funded are building supportive capacity within the local community, as well as maintaining health and well being and reducing social isolation.

This grant demonstrates the success of both SVE and CTSI’s success in engaging communities, local groups and small organisations in Health and Social Care. The fund is also an excellent way for the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Care Partnership to visibly demonstrate and promote the impact of integration and the partnership in local communities at relatively little cost.