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We produce a monthly e-bulletin for those interested in the work of the TSIs. It includes information about their work and what we do as a network.

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The VAS Team

Jonathan Robertson - Office Administrator

Jonathan handles all events and administration enquiries and makes our events run smoothly and keeps information flowing in and out of our organisation. Jonathan is the contact if you want to update us on something or find out more about what we’re doing.

Phone: 0141 353 7318


Fraser White – Business Support Officer

Fraser handles all enquiries regarding our business operations, such as finance, HR and digital. Fraser also makes sure our organisation runs effectively. He is the first point of contact for our national conference and AGM.

Phone: 0141 353 4323


Libby Clement – Communications & Digital Support Officer

Libby handles all enquiries relating to our communications, online platforms and social media, and develops our approach to network development on digital and data. Libby is also the first point of contact for publications.

Phone: 0141 353 4322


Tom Scott – Development Manager

Tom develops and delivers our programmes of new developments and ongoing improvements for the TSI network. Tom is developing approaches to good governance, leadership development, and outcomes and impact.

Phone: 0141 353 4325


Elaine Gibb – Development Manager

Elaine develops and delivers our programmes of training, the communities of practice and other events that bring the network together. Elaine also supports our network advocates and is our main conference organiser.

Phone: 0141 353 4321


Allan Johnstone – Acting Chief Executive

Allan is the key contact for all aspects of strategy, external engagement and voice and insight. Allan also supports the VAS Board to deliver good governance for VAS.

Phone: 0141 353 4326