Delivering Quality in Youth Volunteering

This Youth Volunteering Forum held on 16th December 2013 involved TSI youth practitioners in sharing and discussing how TSIs can and are ensuing the quality of volunteering opportunities and experiences that are provided to young people and explored:

Impact: how youth volunteering affects young people, how we can gather/capture this and how it can inform, develop and improve what we do

Support: how we support young people in taking up and progressing in their volunteering choices and what we can do to ensure that volunteering placements are successful and meet their needs

Quality: exploring ‘what makes a good volunteering placement’ and how can we help achieve this for our youth volunteering opportunities to result in the biggest impact

A number of TSI representatives shared and presented their perspectives on, and approaches to, each of these elements. This led into wider discussions, sharing practice and the exploration of what needs to happen locally and across the TSI network to help enhance quality in youth volunteering.

Continue the conversation and access the presentations from the Forum on our thread for this event on the Knowledge Hub


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