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Every day, South Lanarkshire is the setting for inspirational stories of dedication, compassion and ingenuity as our residents volunteer their time and skills for the benefit of others. We believe that the utmost should be done to ensure that the talented and resourceful volunteers who people the sector are given the support they deserve.

To this end, we endeavour to help both individuals and groups make the best contribution possible to the strength of the sector. We strive to promote the value of volunteering, chase down opportunities for those looking to get involved, advertise vacancies for groups looking to bolster their numbers, and run an extensive and varied training programme for organisations.

In addition to this, we offer a range of services designed to help strengthen communities, from helping young people into work to making sure our older people are given the best care possible.

We aim to help the development of a South Lanarkshire voluntary sector that is both successful and sustainable.


Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire
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