TSI North Ayrshire




TSI North Ayrshire is a partnership between The Ayrshire Community Trust (TACT)  and Arran CVS (ACVS).

TACT and ACVS have their own areas of responsibility under the remit of the Interface and both organisations are fully committed to fulfilling these in line with the four agreed outcomes - We support voluntary organisations, both local and national, who deliver services at a local level; we support volunteers and promote volunteering; we support and help develop social enterprise; we are the connection between the local Community Planning Partnership and the Third Sector, and facilitate communication and understanding between the two.

About TACT:

TACT will endeavour to provide a single point of contact, on the mainland, for anybody interested in volunteering, developing their community group or organisation. They will also be involved in consulting with community and voluntary groups across North Ayrshire on a number of topics such as community safety, community education, Social Enterprise and economic development. Partnership will be at the heart of everything TACT does.


The Ayrshire Community Trust
93 Princes Street
KA22 8DG
Tel: 01294 475618
E-mail: info@theayrshirecommunitytrust.co.uk
Website: http://www.theayrshirecommunitytrust.co.uk

About Arran CVS:

Arran CVSArran Community and Voluntary Service are the main point of contact for issues relating to Health and Social Care, Social Services and Neighbourhood Planning. ACVS works with emerging and established community groups to help ensure that local needs and issues are met. We can help with the setting up of a new group and everything from legislative advice through to engaging with volunteers and the community. Office services are provided for groups and public users.


Park Terrace
Isle of Arran
KA27 8NB
Tel: 01770 600611
Email: jim.nichols@arrancvs.org.uk
Website: http://www.arrancvs.org.uk/