The Edinburgh Interface is a collaboration between EVOC, Volunteer Centre Edinburgh, and Edinburgh Social Enterprise Network. These are the three infrastructure agencies who are respectively dedicated to developing and supporting the voluntary sector, volunteering in both the voluntary and public sectors, and social enterprise in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Interface Partners Logos - VCE, EVOC and ESEN

The Edinburgh Interface was established as part of an initiative to realign Scotland’s infrastructure organisations, to ensure a single identifiable third sector structure within each Scottish local authority. This creates a more coherent, effective integration of Scotland’s third sector within Community Planning Partnerships and Single Outcome Agreement structures and delivery.

By working together in collaboration, the three partners of the Edinburgh Interface aim to build and enable resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities in Edinburgh. They work with people, civil society and organisations to build social capital, and believe that collaboration leads to a more effective and world-class service.


Edinburgh Third Sector Interface
c/o EVOC
14 Ashley Place
Tel: 0131 555 9100