TSI Glasgow

Third Sector Interface Glasgow is an unincorporated integrated partnership between:

  • Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector (GCVS)
  • Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN)
  • Volunteer Glasgow

Contact Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector if you are looking for general information on Glasgow’s third sector, or are a Third Sector organisation in Glasgow needing advice on good practice, or want to source technical support on governance, charity law or funding, or are seeking accredited learning, CPD and informal training, briefing and learning events, payroll and finance support, advice on employer responsibilities, personal care administration, policy and research. Through our Community Connectors (Adult Services) and Everyone’s Children (Children and Families Service) projects, we support best practice in TS delivery to these client groups.


11 Queen’s Crescent Glasgow G4 9AS

For enquiries: 

Tel: 0141 332 2444

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 Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector 

Scottish charity number: SC006923

Contact Volunteer Glasgow to search for volunteering opportunities, for help to find the volunteers your organisation needs (including free advertising and guidance), for training in designing appropriate volunteer roles and managing opportunities, for the Saltire Awards, Volunteering Works and SQA services, to get the Volunteer Friendly Award or the Glasgow Volunteering Charter Mark, or to find out more about the city’s Strategic Volunteering and Legacy Frameworks.

Volunteer Glasgow:

10 Bothwell Street Abbey House First Floor East Glasgow G2 6LU

For enquiries:

Tel: 0141 226 3431                                                                                        Email: info@volunteerglasgow.org

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 Volunteer Glasgow 

Scottish charity number: SC005462

Contact Glasgow Social Enterprise Network if you are, or would like to find out more about social enterprise. The network provides a variety of services to support, promote and develop social enterprises.  By joining you can benefit from information-sharing, peer support, access to resources, events and training to trading and partnership opportunities.


5 Dava Street Glasgow G51 2JA

Connect via social media: 


 Glasgow Social Enterprise Network 

Scottish charity number: SC047282

Glasgow’s Third Sector Forum is part of the Interface, connecting the wider Third Sector in Glasgow to the Community Planning Partnership. The Forum aims to: provide a coherent, collective voice for the Third Sector and strengthen engagement between the Third Sector and Community Planning Partners; increase the Third Sector’s input in key areas of public policy in the city and impact on the delivery of public services; and increase awareness of the impact which the work of the Third Sector has on the people of Glasgow. Contact Kathleen Caskie on 0141 332 2444, on Twitter @GlasgowTSForum or email caskie@gcvs.org.uk