TSI East Ayrshire

Third Sector Interface East Ayrshire is a partnership between:

  • CVO East Ayrshire
  • Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire

CVO East Ayrshire performs all the key TSI functions apart from supporting local volunteers and volunteer involving organisations, which is the main role of Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire.

CVO East Ayrshire & Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire:

16 Brewery Road, Belford Mill, Kilmarnock, KA1 3HZ

For enquiries: 

CVO East Ayrshire - Tel: 01563 574000
Email: info@cvoea.co.uk

Scottish charity number: SC043832

Volunteer Centre East Ayrshire - Tel: 01563 544765
Email: volunteer@eav.org.uk

Scotish charity number: SC030266

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 CVO East Ayrshire Ltd.