VC Midlothian LogoVolunteer Centre Midlothian’s Get Ready for Retail Project Beadazzling is through to the ITV People’s Millions final. Beadazzling will involve local young people receiving employability, customer service and retail training, before developing and running a new pop-up jewellery store in Dalkeith. Midlothian currently has one of the highest rates of young people entering unemployment when leaving school in Scotland, making projects like this essential in helping our youngsters succeed. The shop will include ready-made pieces designed by the young volunteers, the chance to make your own jewellery, and parties which are ideal for a fun day out, or birthday party.

We need YOUR votes to help Midlothian’s young people ‘ Be dazzling’ .The project will only be funded if we get more votes than the Stirlingshire project that we are up against. Voting is by telephone and the phone number will only be released on Monday 25th November. When the number is known we will send it out via email, Facebook and Twitter. Voting lines will be open from 9am to midnight on the 25th November only and Beadazzling will be shown on the STV News at Six O’clock. Votes cost 10p from a landline and you can phone up to ten times from the same number.

Please support this worthwhile cause – why not like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @vcmidlothian and remember to phone on Monday 25 November!