Voluntary Action Scotland supports TSI practice development across the four key delivery areas of the TSI Common Values and Services. The aim is to create practice development opportunities which support TSIs to develop common services and standards outcomes and enhance their ability to deliver for communities and the third sector in every part of Scotland.

TSI Practice forums are being established to support each of the common service delivery areas:

  • Volunteering
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Social enterprise
  • Community planning

In addition to this the TSI Youth Volunteer Forum is provided as a specific mechanism for supporting this specialised area of practice.

In order to deliver a programme of support which is focused on the specific needs, roles and characteristics of TSIs we will seek to build practice development which is mutual in character: It aims to make the most of the ‘power of 32’, building upon the knowledge and experience in our network to support each other to deliver for our communities; and builds partnership working with intermediary bodies and others in sharing their support and resources.

The practice forums are supported by Knowledge Hub engagement between meetings; bringing together TSIs, VAS and other intermediaries. They will provide an opportunity for all TSIs to tap into the resources, discussions and feedback generated for and from our practice development activities.

Follow and join the TSI practice development topics and discussions on the Knowledge Hub, where we would also welcome your suggestions for practice forum topics and events.

Tea break at North Lanarkshire Conference