Monday 19th August, 10.45am to 3pm, Robertson House 152 Bath Street, Glasgow

VAS, in partnership with our colleagues at the Health and Social Care Alliance, will be running our inaugural policy forum looking at the Public Bodies (Joint-Working) Bill, previously known as the Health and Social Care Integration Bill. This piece of legislation will have a profound impact on the delivery and planning of health and social care and it is important that VAS is in a position to advocate in the best interests of our members at a national level. In order to do so it is important that our members are well informed of upcoming legislation and have an opportunity to feedback on how they feel it will affect their communities. This policy forum will allow TSIs the opportunity to become better informed about the upcoming legislation and to highlight any potential areas of concern that VAS should be raising nationally.

Our colleagues at the Health and Social Care Alliance will be on hand to offer their expertise on this important topic and will help add their considerable knowledge in this area of public policy. Thank you to those that have already expressed an interest in attending this forum. Invites will also be sent round TSI Chief Officers. This event is open to all TSI staff, although spaces are limited.