Calum Irving, CEO of VASVoluntary Action Scotland has today set out its views on the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill. VAS was responding to the Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committees call for evidence as they examine the Bill as it proceeds through Parliament.

 The Bill is aiming to establish a national legislative framework for sustainable public procurement, looking to ensure that the maximum economic benefit is brought to Scotland. The VAS response highlighted a number of areas which it believed could be improved upon, including a greater focus on the ‘social value’ and sustainability of procurement. The Bill is part of a raft of legislation being introduced by the Scottish Government as part of their ongoing public service reform agenda. A link to the VAS response can be found below.

 Calum Irving, Chief Executive of Voluntary Action Scotland, commented:

 “VAS welcomed the opportunity to put forward our views on the Procurement Reform Bill and as always sought to put forward a case in the best interests of the TSI network.

 We believe that the Bill has significant potential but in its current form will not meet the hopes and aspirations of our network and the third sector as a whole. We have put forward a number of suggestions in our response and hope the Committee will seek to amend the Bill appropriately. We look forward to continuing to work constructively with the Committee, the Parliament and the Scottish Government as the Bill proceeds and will continue to put forward the case for an innovative, sustainable and outcome focussed Procurement Reform Bill.”

VAS Response to Procurement Reform Bill (.pdf, 248kb)