A motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament has welcomed the impact of Scotland’s 32 third sector interfaces.

Lodged by Chic Brodie MSP, South Scotland, the motion comes on the back of the launch of the report by Voluntary Action Scotland entitled ‘Supporting a Stronger Third Sector’ which highlights the impact of third sector interfaces in communities across Scotland, and the vital role they play in supporting the third sector.

The motion welcomes the publication of the report and goes on to acknowledge the crucial role of third sector interfaces, particularly in dealing with the impacts of fiscal austerity and welfare reform. It has received support from MSP from across the chamber.

Full text of the motion can be found below, to see who has signed the motion click here

Motion S4M-12004: Chic Brodie, South Scotland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 07/01/2020

Voluntary Action Scotland, Supporting a Stronger Third Sector
That the Parliament welcomes the publication of the Voluntary Action Scotland (VAS) report, Supporting a Stronger Third Sector; understands that this report highlights the impact that third sector interfaces (TSIs) make in communities across the country and their vital role in supporting the third sector; notes the contribution of VAS in supporting, advocating for and coordinating the 32 TSIs; considers that TSIs play a crucial role in building partnerships and collaborations locally between the third and public sectors and others, of particular importance when trying to deal with the difficult impacts of fiscal austerity and welfare reform; is encouraged by what it sees as the progress being made by TSIs in supporting the third sector and the potential that they demonstrate, particularly in supporting the third sector contribution to public service reform, and believes that continued support for VAS, TSIs and the third sector is crucial to supporting the social fabric of Scotland.

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