A note from Calum Irving, VAS CEO, on the newly elected VAS board:

VAS held it’s AGM on 13th October where the membership elected a new Board for VAS with many new faces. I wanted to get in touch to confirm the new Board to you and the new Office Bearers. The full Board is as follows;

Derek Marshall (Dundee TSI), Convenor
Ella Simpson (Edinburgh TSI), Vice-Convenor
Ian Cunningham (Orkney TSI), Treasurer
Janis McDonald (Glasgow TSI), Vice Treasurer
Anne Kidd (East Renfrewshire TSI), Chair of SQIG Standing Committee
Kirsty Macdonald (Western Isles TSI), Chair of Saltire and Youth Development Standing Committee
Fabio Villani (Moray TSI)
Joyce Duncan (Aberdeen TSI)
Cath Denholm (Independent)

A very warm welcome to our new Board members and especially our newly appointed independent Board Member, Cath Denholm. Cath is Director of Strategy for NHS Health Scotland and we look forward to the advice and expertise Cath can bring to taking our network forward.

With so many new Board Members this does mean that we say farewell and thank you to a number of outgoing Board members. In particular, David Anderson, VAS’ first Independent Convenor to whom I am very grateful for his hard work over the past two years.   We also say goodbye to three long standing Board members who have been central to the development of our network; Helen MacNeil, Eliot Stark, Ian Bruce and Colin Mair. I am sure many of you know their names well and have worked closely with all of them across a number of areas including (but not limited to) health and social care policy, Saltire Awards and youth volunteering, developing the network’s common outcomes and helping us develop improvement approaches and strengthening our relationship with public service partners. I’m sure you’d wish to join me in showing our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to VAS and our network over many years. At VAS we look forward to continuing to work with all of them as valued members of the network.

Calum Irving,

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