The third sectors role in Community Planning is set for a boost thanks to a new national partnership programme.

The programme will work with Scotland’s third sector interfaces to help clarify and strengthen their role in community planning. Ultimately, it will look at how they can help Community Planning “deliver demonstrable improvements in people’s lives”. 

The partnership between Voluntary Action Scotland and the Improvement Service is a pioneering new programme supported by the Scottish Government to build the best possible environment in which the third sector can contribute to achieving better outcomes. 

In the first instance the programme will work directly with five pathfinder third sector interfaces to, amongst other things, help map out ‘what works’ in building the third sector relationship with community planning. All partners intend for this to programme to be rolled out further, allowing all third sector interfaces and community planning partnerships to benefit in the long term.

A full briefing on the programme, including aims and timescales, can be found here.

Calum Irving, Chief Executive of Voluntary Action Scotland, commented: “We are delighted to be working alongside the Improvement Service in delivering this important programme. Third Sector Interfaces have a unique role to play locally in terms of connecting, developing and enabling the sector. They bring together large amounts of knowledge and expertise and now all TSIs have secured a position at the community planning table. This programme will help us develop and clarify the role of TSIs in community planning and evidence ‘what works’. Ultimately, community planning is about ‘delivering demonstrable improvements in peoples lives’ we believe the third sector can play a big role in achieving this.”

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