The Situation

Dundee Association for Mental Health (DAMH) is an organisation that provides facilities within the community for people suffering from or recovering from the effects of mental ill health, and their friends and relatives. In 2016 DAMH were in a period of organisational change and sought advice and support from Dundee Voluntary Action (DVA). DAMH were facing a number of governance challenges and were undertaking a review of their organisational management.

DVA’s Good Governance Award

DVA staff suggested that DAMH go through DVA’s Healthy Organisations Quality Matters Award. This was a pilot programme which is now running as the Good Governance Award, recommended by OSCR. It is a fully supported evaluation process that reviews an organisation’s governance, from the way their board operates, to their service delivery. The award process requires organisations to build an evidence portfolio covering a wide range of governance areas, including finance, HR, and managing resources.

By providing DAMH with a strong, clear framework to assess and improve their governance, DVA were able to support them through their organisational change and ensure they were implementing the most appropriate policies and practices throughout their organisation.

The Result

DAMH felt that their staff and committee worked well together to complete the award and that both parties benefited from the collaboration through learning about their organisation from a different perspective. DAMH are confident that the portfolio they have been working on will be a solid foundation from which to develop their governance, policies and procedures, and for looking at how they work with their participants.

DAMH now have a quality standard against a whole range of different criteria, and are using the portfolio in their induction process for new staff. They are keen to work towards the additional criteria required for the new Good Governance Award and will hopefully make a start in the coming year.

We are really grateful for the support from DVA in helping us to achieve this award.  I have already made reference to it in funding bids and have the “Quality Matters” logo on our new pop up banner, which is all good in terms of how we are perceived as an organisation.

Wendy, Executive Director at DAMH

Completing the award has helped DAMH feel more confident about their governance, and enabled them to develop a strong governance structure from which to grow in future, ensuring DAMH continue to deliver the best service possible for their participants.

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