TSI Inverclyde

TSI Inverclyde is made up of two partners: CVS Inverclyde and Trust Volunteering (part of Inverclyde Community Development Trust). The two partners work together to perform the key TSI functions across Inverclyde; Trust Volunteering is responsible for supporting volunteers and volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) as well as promoting volunteering. CVS Inverclyde performs the other key work strands, such as supporting local social enterprises and the local third sector in Inverclyde.

CVS Inverclyde
Unit 9
20 Pottery Street
PA15 2UH

For enquiries:
Tel: 01475 711 733
Email: admin@cvsinverclyde.org.uk

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 CVS Inverclyde 

Scottish Charity number: SC024376

Trust Volunteering
Inverclyde Community Development Trust
Westburn Centre
175 Dalrymple Street
PA15 1JZ

For enquiries:
Tel: 01475 553300
Email: info@the-trust.org.uk

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 Trust Inverclyde 

Scottish Charity number: SC007212